Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery is in fact a form of resources redistribution. We use surgical methods to extract healthy follicles from the occipito-posterior and relocate them to areas in need of hair growth, like the crown and front hairline. Follicles from the occipito-posterior are more resistant to effects of DHT and when hair starts to grow again in required areas, the hairline can be reconstructed.

After skin and follicles are extracted from the “donor area”, they will be divided under the microscope into small units, each containing 1-4 follicles. These units will be transplanted one by one to the “recipient area”, with due attention being paid to the place and orientation required so that the resulting hairline will be natural.

On hearing the word “transplant”, many people are frightened and immediately think of major surgeries like liver or kidney transplants. Hair transplant just involves the relocation of your own follicles from the rear to the front part of your head. As a result, there won’t be any side effects or problems of repulsion.

Hair transplant surgery is at present the most effect way to relieve problems of like hairline retreat, crown and temporal hair loss, etc. The surgery must be performed by doctor who will determine the number of follicles required according the severity of hair loss. Of course, the quantity of hair in the “donor area”, the hair quality and the resulting density expected are also factors to be considered. Callus will start to form in twenty-four hours’ time and the wound will heal completely in 4-14 days while hair will start to grow in 10-16 weeks’ time after surgery. Most of the follicles transplants will remain active forever.

The two most commonly used techniques for hair transplant are FUT-Strip Method and FUE.

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