There are over a thousand entities in dermatology; it is difficult to understand all in just a few pages. We are going to describe a few common skin problems. This is purely educational; if you have a skin disease, please consult your dermatologist.

Cellullitis is a bacterial infection in the deep layer of the skin. The subcutaneous fat resembles a bee-hive structure, like many hive cells pack together, hence the name cellulitis. It is often caused by a breach in the intact skin, leading to opportunistic infection. It can also caused by insect bites. The offending microbes are often Staphylococci or Streptococci species; in serious cases, it can lead to septicaemia or even death.

The infected skin often looks red. The skin feels sore and hot to touch. The patient may spike. The cellulitis area will increase in size as the infection pursues. Most cellulitis can be treated with antibiotics, but in severe cases, it may warrant surgical drainage.

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