Epidermoid cyst

There are over a thousand entities in dermatology; it is difficult to understand all in just a few pages. We are going to describe a few common skin problems. This is purely educational; if you have a skin disease, please consult your dermatologist.

Epidermoid cysts are very common, they are found on the face, scalp, ear-lobe and less commonly, on our neck and body. It is about twice as common in males than females. Epidermoid cysts are little pea-sized soft lumps found under the skin, often asyptomatic. When we look closely, the cyst may have a little punctum in the middle. Sometimes when we squeeze the cysts real hard, a smelly cheesy material may be expressed. It can also cause pain when infected.

Epidermoid cysts are more common for those in their middle ages. Small epidermoid cysts sometimes resolve on their own without treatment. Larger and persistent ones may require surgical removal. We can also aid an infected cyst to recover quicker with intralesional injection. Ultimately, they may still need surgical removal.

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