What is in a Brava system?

The Brava system contains:

  • Two pair of Brava domes (there are eight different sizes). The first pair is for initial wearing at the beginning. In a few weeks, most women will outgrow the first pair, and need to change to the next larger size dome
  • A rechargeable and programmable Smartbox with a processor embedded
  • A 220V Smartbox recharger, which doubles as a modem to upload your wear data. We can then analyze your data and reprogramme your smartbox as deem necessary.
  • A T-tube
  • An elastic and stretchable Brava vest to hold the system in place
  • A Brava skin care kit, containing a cleanser, post-wear breast skin moisturizer, and protective skin wipes (Skin-Prep)
  • A bottle of domes cleanser
  • A Bilingual instruction manual
  • A CD-Rom with demonstration video
  • Brava maintenance and full warranty card
  • 180 days clinical follow-up care and monitoring of progress, including periodic tuning of smartbox negative pressure

We may need to see you to ascertain if Brava is appropriate for you. We may need to examine your breasts, and we will need to pre-tune your smartbox in order to make sure you are getting the best result from Brava. For the next 180 days, we would schedule with you regular follow-up appointments. This is to make sure you are getting your results, and to help you with any problems that arise.

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